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Cinnamon Swirl Breads

Toasted and buttered or as the basis for French toast or breakfast sandwiches, there’s nothing like it!

Cinnamon Swirl Breads from Vlore Bakery, available through food service vendors and direct purchase, create high-profit breakfast items with a unique flavor.

Our products are made from sweet dough, not bland white bread. The dough is laid out in sheets and heavily sprinkled with real Korintje cinnamon. It is then rolled into a snake and cut into individual loaves, with a cinnamon swirl from end to end.

Baked in old-fashioned, 2-piece “crimped” pans, the individual loaves have a unique cylindrical shape, with crimped sides. But the uniqueness and quality don’t stop there. After de–panning and partial cooling, the loaves are bathed in melted oleo-butter blend and tossed in cinnamon-sugar before slicing. The sweet, pungent cinnamon–sugar adheres to the butter making every bite an indescribable taste sensation.

Where to Buy

FoodService Vendors include Rienhardt, Performance Foods, US Foods, Miceli & Oldfield, Sysco, and more!

Buy now directly from us for $56.99 a case, which includes shipping.

Purchase 5 cases at $56.99 (total $284.95) , get one case FREE! Sell as French toast at $5.99 in 324 orders at 4 slices per plate and make $1900, that’s over $1600 in profit!

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