Sold in over 2000 restaurants

Vlore Bakery Cinnamon Swirl Breads are currently being sold as the basis for breakfast plates in over 600 restaurants throughout Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana.


Baked in old-fashioned, 2-piece “crimped” pans, the individual loaves have a unique cylindrical shape, with crimped sides. But the uniqueness and quality don’t stop there. After de–panning and partial cooling, the loaves are bathed in a melted oleo-butter blend, then tossed in cinnamon–sugar before slicing. The sweet, pungent cinnamon–sugar adheres to the butter making every bite an indescribable taste sensation.

Cinnamon Swirl

Our classic cinnamon swirl bread carried is many distributors with more becoming available all the time.

Nutrition Facts

pumpkin nut cinnamon swirl

Perfect for fall our seasonal pumpkin nut cinnamon swirl bread will light up your taste buds!

raisin cinnamon swirl

Paired with tasty raisins our cinnamon swirl bread is perfect for buttered toast or as French toast.

Apple cinnamon swirl

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